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  • Canvas- $27 per painter, ages 16 and up

  • Pottery- $30 per painter, ages 16 and up

  • Minimum of 10 painters

  • Bring food or beverages including alcohol

  • (no refrigeration or ice available)

  • All parties are 2 hours and you may arrive 30 minutes prior to the party to set up.

  • After your party ends, you get 15 minutes to clean up. If your party remains in-studio beyond the 15 minute grace period at the end of your reserved time slot, a $75 charge will be charged at checkout.

  • Adult parties can be booked at 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, or 7 pm. No children under 16 allowed in the studio after 7 pm. No 10 am parties on Sunday.

  • All Locations accept cash and cards

  • $30 room rental to reserve the time and date, this does not apply to your party. Remaining balance is due at the party. 

  • Canvases are pre-prepared and fees will be assessed based on the number of painters confirmed either via phone or email prior to your party. 

  • Pottery will be chosen at the party from our on hand selection.

  • Refunds available ONLY if the party is canceled or rescheduled at least 10 days before scheduled date. Deposit applied to the party total at the event.



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